Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday is my Friday.....

So, the kids were crying, I had to get dinner together, and it had already been sort of a long day.  I needed a predinner cocktail that would get the job done, and look cool doing it.
The green vesper is a drink modified from the Vesper, a Bond martini.  The original Vesper martini uses 3 parts gin, 1 part vodka and 1/2 part Lillet Blanc.  The Green Vesper subs absinthe for the Lillet.  So this is one seriously powerful drink.

2 drinks: (well, in Bond parlance this is one drink, but we are mere mortals)

3 oz Aviation Gin
1 oz Tito's Vodka
1/2 oz Mythe Traditionale Absinthe

Shake, Pour.  Give your keys to someone else.

There is an ethereal green tint to this cocktail from the absinthe that does not really come through in the photo.  I imagine if one used greener absinthe the color would pop even more.
This is a very very easy drink to imbibe.  It has just the nicest hint of anise from the absinthe, and the gin I used is a very smooth, non-junipery gin.  For as "proof-y" as this drink is, wow, it sure is good.  I garnished with olives because I thought it was a spin on a martini, but would garnish with a twist in the future.  The olives are good, but the briney flavor does not mix so well with the anise.  Live and learn....just means I need to make it again with a twist!

This went down so well, and it technically was 1/2 a drink each, I moved on to another drink.  I used my own palate to drive this creation, and I have to say for the first time trying a new drink I did pretty darn good.  I still have to name it.

 for 2 drinks:

2 oz UV vanilla vodka
2 oz home infused tangelo vodka
Shake with ice, strain into glass
Top off with prosecco (I used a split of Carpene Moldivini)
Garnished with a mandarin wedge

This was heavenly.  Effervescent and has the flavor of vanilla but not too sweet, and the orange/tangerine flavor is also subtle, so nothing overpowers the drink.  It goes well together, and would be perfect for a brunch, but also works as an evening cocktail.  I will definitely put this in my quiver!

Well, I better go drink some water before I start with the 2 cocktail headache!

Salud and cheers!


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