Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sour Cherry Margarita

Lambert's BBQ is a popular and delicious restaurant in Austin.  It is always packed.  If you don't make a reservation, you are likely out of luck.  Example last night, a few of us went w/o reservations thinking we would sit at the bar (there are two in the restaurant) with a drink and wait for a table.....non!  The hour was ~ 2 hours.  Really?  We elected to go elsewhere, but the point is, this is one yummy place.  They have an interesting drink menu all around, but I have a slight obsession with the sour cherry margarita.  Sounds weird, I know, but it is a nice balance between sweet and tart and the cherry is not overwhelming.  And in a town where you can get some type of margarita (all claiming to be the best - ha!) on any corner, finding the truly unique and delicious variations can be work.

1 shot corazon blanco tequila                 
1 shot of cherry brandy (kirschwasser)
1 shot of Grand Marnier or cointreau or Paula's TX Orange.
1 tsp agave  (+/- on this one)
The juice of one half fresh lemon
Dash of Cherry Bitters

Shake with ice, pour over rocks or straight up (to preference).

I had tried various combinations of these ingredients before without pleasing success, but this combo was the hit.  Yay!  

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