Thursday, February 16, 2012

Real Rye

Toiling away at researching the Manhattan, I surmised that the purists only allow Rye to be the base spirit.  I blasphemed last week when I made a Manhattan with Maker's Mark bourbon.  I quite liked it, and there is a fairly vocal contingent in the interweb cocktail world that validates the use of a good bourbon for this purpose.  But, being a rule follower of sorts, and also curious, I purchased some Bulleit Rye today for the sole purpose of Manhattan making.  I also changed the vermouth a little bit by using a splash of both sweet and dry, per some suggestions I have seen.  I garnished with an orange (well, tangelo.......darn it you minneolas!!!!) twist.

2 drinks:
3 oz Bulleit Rye
1/2 tbsp dry vermouth
1/2 tbsp sweet vermouth
shake with ice (also somewhat controverisal, some maintain stirring is the only way, but I like my drinks coooooooooold).
garnished with tangelo twist

I liked this drink quite a bit.  The rye really just tastes like a high quality, complex bourbon.  But hey, I like bourbon, so there you go!  I found myself taking a sip, letting it sit on my tongue for a minute, swirling it around, and then swallowing it.  It has a spicy, cinnamon burn at the end.  Definitely a drink I will nurse, not gulp!  And more of a cold weather evening cocktail than something fruity or effervescent.  

Salud & Cheers! 

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