Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Other people's cocktails

Tonight we enjoyed lovely, complex, well shaken drinks at Peche in Austin.  Peche is an absinthe bar, that has an impressive list of specialty cocktails as well. The food is also delicious.  We had mussels and frites, flat iron steak with polenta.  Yum!

I started with a drink called a Hemmingway Revival.  It had Yellow Chartreuse, Cocchi Americano, lemon juice and Luxardo. It was very good, and I would order one again.  I now want to acquire a bottle of Yellow Chartreuse!  And maybe green too!

Everett started with a Gin Gin Mule, which had gin, ginger beer, mint and lime.  It was refreshing, with a nice spice at the finish that was somewhat unexpected.

I moved on to a green vesper, which was perfect.  Everett had to drive home, but that was OK with me!  He had an absinthe god, which was absinthe, orgeat, egg white and lemon juice.  It was a good desert drink, and the orgeat almond tones melded well with the anise of the absinthe.  It was also beautifully presented.

I can barely wait to recreate some of these drinks!

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