Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A soiled martini improvement!

Tonight is just another variation on the martini.  The goal is to try many iterations and find out which I like best.  I used bombay sapphire and dry vermouth.  I made it a dirty martini with some olive brine, the brine was from the jalapeno stuffed olives at the central market olive bar.

Initially the taste was sweeter than I expected or cared for.  I expected a saltier flavor, but I suspect the Bombay Sapphire was the overpowering sweet flavor.  This is a great gin for G&T's but I think I'll stick to Hendrick's, Tanq 10 or some other less sweet gin in the future.

However after the drink settled for a bit, the flavors melded a bit, the sweetness dissipated and the jalapeno brine came to the forefront.  It was nice.

Next to try on the martini list:  Lillet in lieu of vermouth.  I'll let you know how it goes.....

Salud & Cheers!

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