Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pamplemousse and Paloma

Something about citrus and tequila is so refreshing and delicious.  I had recently tried tequila and blood orange, which got me thinking about other citrus and tequila combinations.  Texas has enormous, ruby red delicious grapefruits.  La Paloma is a drink that combines grapefruit and what the heck.  There are several iterations of this drink, ones that use fresh juice and those that use grapefruit soda (Squirt, Jarritos).  After our trip to Central Market today, we left with many pounds of citrus, as well as some Pellegrino Pompelo soda.  As a side note, I don't really like eating raw citrus, it is a texture thing, but we also bought some Sumo Citrus, and it is like candy.  It is soooooooo wonderful. But I digress.  

The Paloma tonight was of the fresh juice variety.  Here goes:

2 oz anejo or reposado tequila
1 oz tequila plata or blanca
juice of one lime
1 oz simple syrup
pinch of salt 
juice of 1/2 large grapefruit
sparkling water/club soda

Mix first 6 ingredients in a shaker with ice
Pour 3-4 oz soda water in a glass with lots of ice
Pour the drink mixture over soda water in glasses

Makes 2 drinks

Will be trying the Pompelo Soda version soon.


Very bright, yet a little complex.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our winter=everyone else's summer

So, it's been in the 70s-80s this Jan/Feb more than it has been in the sub 50 degree temperatures.  Global warming be damned, I am all for this kind of al fresco weather.  Sun dresses and flip flops in winter, without the plane ticket to Hawaii....awesome!

I saw this recipe on a tequila company's website, the tequila is called dulce vida, it's clame to fame is 100 proof, 100% organic.  I did not buy the tequila, but used my own, slumming, 80 proof non organic tequila.  It is organic by chemical standards, if not by USDA standards ;)

Anyways, it calls for some blood orange soda, which I happened to have in my booze fridge, just waiting for a recipe to use it in.  I am somewhat obsessed with blood oranges.  I love the taste, the color, the name.  Obsessed.  I stalk the citrus section of Central Market for Meyer Lemons and Blood Oranges, and when I see them I pounce, buying pounds to just have in my house.  Once I saw the blood orange Pellegrino soda, I had to buy a flat just to have it in case I needed it.  Tonight, I needed it!

I made this drink a little different than the original recipe (called the Orange Blood).

1 oz serrano infused silver tequila (I like spice)
1/2 oz silver Don Julio tequila
1/4 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz Meyer lemon juice (recipe calls for lime)
4 oz San Pellegrino blood orange soda

stir first 4 ingredients, then add ice.  Top with soda, stir, enjoy!

This is delicious!