Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our winter=everyone else's summer

So, it's been in the 70s-80s this Jan/Feb more than it has been in the sub 50 degree temperatures.  Global warming be damned, I am all for this kind of al fresco weather.  Sun dresses and flip flops in winter, without the plane ticket to Hawaii....awesome!

I saw this recipe on a tequila company's website, the tequila is called dulce vida, it's clame to fame is 100 proof, 100% organic.  I did not buy the tequila, but used my own, slumming, 80 proof non organic tequila.  It is organic by chemical standards, if not by USDA standards ;)

Anyways, it calls for some blood orange soda, which I happened to have in my booze fridge, just waiting for a recipe to use it in.  I am somewhat obsessed with blood oranges.  I love the taste, the color, the name.  Obsessed.  I stalk the citrus section of Central Market for Meyer Lemons and Blood Oranges, and when I see them I pounce, buying pounds to just have in my house.  Once I saw the blood orange Pellegrino soda, I had to buy a flat just to have it in case I needed it.  Tonight, I needed it!

I made this drink a little different than the original recipe (called the Orange Blood).

1 oz serrano infused silver tequila (I like spice)
1/2 oz silver Don Julio tequila
1/4 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz Meyer lemon juice (recipe calls for lime)
4 oz San Pellegrino blood orange soda

stir first 4 ingredients, then add ice.  Top with soda, stir, enjoy!

This is delicious!

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