Sunday, February 12, 2012

St germain

I had a St Germain cocktail for the very first time a year ago.  It was a French 76 - gin, st germain, lemon juice and champagne.  It was fantastic, and potent!  I loved the floral of the St Germain, so I bought a bottle.  And then I started seeing it EVERYWHERE!  I guess I am cutting edge, no?  Well, it is a very specific flavor and I am not always in the mood for it.  But sometimes it is perfect.  I decided to incorporate it into a martini.

I started with the following ratio:

3 oz Hendrick's gin
2 oz St Germain
1/4 oz vermouth

This was waaaaaay to sweet and syrupy.  I cut it with another ounce of gin and it was much much better.  I think even less St. Germain next time around would be better.  Live and learn I guess!

Salud and Cheers!

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