Friday, March 2, 2012

A Gladiatorial Drink

Blood and Sand......named after an early 1900's film about a matador, but the name also applies to a current gladiatorial drama.  Either way, the name conjures a striking image, not necessarily pleasant.  The drink is much more pleasant than its namesake, I can tell you that.

I have seen this on several bar and restaurant menus recently, it seems to have had a recent revival.  It is one of the few cocktails that calls for Scotch Whisky, which sounds not so wonderful.  I will have to make it with Scotch and let you know.  I substituted Rye Whiskey for taste's sake, because I wanted to like the drink.  Now that I know how wonderful it tastes with Rye, I will try with Scotch.

As I made it:

3 oz Bulleit Rye
2 oz Cherry Heering
2 oz Fresh squeezed tangerine juice (recipe calls for orange)
2 capfuls of Martini sweet vermouth

Though served cold, this is a very warming, smooth drink.  It is complex in flavor, with notes of spice, tart, mildly sweet.  It has a turbid muted red.  Come to think of it, it looks somewhat like chronic ascites.  If you are not a medical professional, you probably do not want to know what I mean.
I suspect it tastes a lot better than ascites, though.  I should hope so!

Anyways, here is a pic - enjoy!

In another vein - I just received a box from a friend in WA.  Lisa S. has known me since I was in 6th grade.  We rode the bus together to Aspen Elementary.  I moved to TX from CA in 1987.....and as is wont to happen we lost touch.  Fast Forward to 2008 or so and my discovery of Facebook.  I have reconnected with so many people, I truly am thankful!  Anyway, Lisa and her husband Steve, in addition to being avid horse racing fans, are involved in Project V Distillery and the making of Single Silo Vodka.  They sent me a bottle of this highly regarded spirit and a kit to make Chai infused vodka.  A little bit of heaven in a bottle!  I can barely wait to off I go!

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