Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another use for Chartreuse

The hiatus is thanks to strep throat.  Somehow, the two adults in a household of 6 managed to get  it but none of the kids.  Go figure.  As a friend counseled me on facebook...alcohol has analgesic and antiseptic properties, so drink for health!  And now that the worst is behind me, I shall!

Tonight marks the end of a long work week.  I was not overwhelmed by patient care, but rather the ins and outs of being "practice owner" or "administrator".  I would much rather be bogged down in patient care, truthfully.   But alas, such is my path!  It just means I get/want to drink more on my Friday nights, which is Thursday for everyone else!

I have Chartreuse, and need recipes for it.  I found one called "The Last Word" and decided to try it.  Yum!

Equal measures of the following:

Hendricks Gin
Lime juice
Luxardo (maraschino)
Green Chartreuse

Shake, strain, enjoy!

I really enjoyed this drink.  Everett remarked it seemed Mexican Martini like to him.  I could see the reference, with the lime juice juxtaposed with the sweetness of the Luxardo, but the herbiness of the Chartreuse really stood out to me.  Overall, a very lovely drink and one to keep in the recipe book!


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