Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love in a glass

Well, in honor of the 3rd season of Boardwalk Empire, we are drinking the hard stuff.  Yum!

I have already given a monologue on my love for bourbon, so I won't wax rhapsodic on its merits any further.  Except to say, this is a wonderful drink!

This is one of my first exercises in mixology.  Aside from knowing what flavors were likely to go together, I had no recipe.  I mixed, I scored!

After tasting his first sip, Everett called it love in a glass.   It seemed fitting.  So there you have it....

Makes 2 cocktails:

4 oz bourbon (we used Makers Mark first round, Bulleit second round - we both preferred Bulleit)
1 oz Luxardo Maraschino liqueur
2 oz Cherry Stomp (fresh cold pressed cherries and apples) - see photo
juice of one lemon
4 dashes cherry bitters
splash of lemon bitters

Shake with ice, serve on rocks (I used my giant ice cubes), garnish with a cherry


It is tart, rich, spicy and sweet.

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