Sunday, July 7, 2013

I prefer Texas to NY.......

The sweaty, sultry summers are worth not having to shovel snow or slip on ice covered sidewalks.  I wasn't cut out for east coast living, and apparently I wasn't cut out for this drink, either.....

I tried a variation on the 5th avenue, published on their website.  I used the following:

Bombay London Dry Gin - 50 ml
Dolin blanc vermouth - 25 ml
capful of Yellow Chartreuse
3 drops of absinthe
3 dashes lemon bitters

I like all the ingredients, but overall found the drink too viscous and perfume-y.  I think a drink that is nothing but booze should probably be limited to 2 ingredients, three at most including bitters.  Even the addition of some carbonated water to make a longer drink couldn't save it in my opinion.  I did what I have not done in a looooong time....I poured an almost full drink down the drain.

It makes for a pretty picture, though:

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