Friday, September 27, 2013

The best part of Texas summer: Fall

While everyone else in the country is pulling out their windbreakers and scarves, waxing rhapsodic about changing leaves and crisp air, hallelujah-ing about the return of the pumpkin spiced whatever you want, we in south central Texas are just now finding it acceptable to go outside and spend more than the time it takes to go from your house to your car.  It is finally summer, instead of the inferno that makes up June-July-August.
So, refreshing drinks are still acceptable after the equinox in these parts, and we won't be switching to the warming toddies and spiced rums until about the solstice I'd say.
So, without further ado.....the whippet.  It is my riff on a greyhound, and I am sure neither the combination nor the name is original, though I did not consult anyone about it save for my other drink loving friend Danielle.  And being a vet,  I had to keep the name in the sight hound group!

Deep eddy ruby red vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice and topo Chico in the ratio you best prefer.  Enjoy!

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