Thursday, August 22, 2013

Panama (the country, not the song....)

I had the good fortune to visit Panama last week.  I had spent some time in my 20s living in Costa Rica, and loved it.  I expected Panama would be similar to Costa Rica, being that they share a border and are both part of central america.  I was somewhat surprised to find a city whose skyline was more Hong Kong than San Jose.  I had hoped for some earthy black beans and rice with every meal, but was met with a New York Bagel shop and italian eateries.  It seems that a shared border does not mean a shared cuisine!
In addition to the howler monkeys, sloth, humpback whales and seeing my family, a great discovery was Cerveza Atlas, one of the national beers of Panama.  I am partial, as my son's name is Atlas.  I can't say the beer is anything to import, but there is something special about finding a beer with the same name as your kid!  At least if you like booze as I do.....

So, here ya go, a photo of Atlas (the beer, not the kid):


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