Sunday, May 26, 2013

Novel Negroni

So, waaaaay back in March 2012 (seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?) I regaled you with my impression of the Negroni, a gin/campari drink that I found extremely bitter and somewhat unpalatable.  I then began seeing the Negroni on menus everywhere, on facebook status updates frequently, and one day, Everett ordered one.  I took a sip and was amazed, the balance of bitter and sweet, the citrus notes, all blended to make a complex, flavorful and dare say delicious drink.  What was mine missing?

I did some research on the interwebs and found people even harder at work than me at cocktail hobby-ing.  People who tried 10 different gins and at least 4 different sweet vermouths with Campari being the only constant.  That is 40 different Negronis!  It would take me 4-6 months at least to try all those and that is if I were only drinking Negronis.  Anyways, some suggestions of using higher end vermouth were well taken, as well as using a different gin (Bombay Dry, my go to for martinis now).  I also have aqcuired some orange oil, and one drop makes a huge difference in drinks that need a citrus nose.

So, I made another attempt at the Negroni and was pleasantly surprised.  I liked it!  I really really liked it!

Without further ado......

1.5 oz gin
1 oz campari
1 oz sweet vermouth
1 drop orange oil
Stir on ice
Strain into glass with a large ice cube
Twist a large orange peel over drink and place in the glass

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